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"The Book of Obeah" and The Obama Presidency

As a social entrepreneur and cultural creative, I'm fascinated with the potential for healing involved with the Obama Presidency. I'm the consulting editor for the novel, The Book of Obeah, the primary message contained within being "a different perspective can change your perception of reality."

It's a fact that women have a different perspective than men, based on their life experiences; financially wealthy people have a different perspective than those with little money; people with certain challenges (physical, mental, etc.) experience the world differently than those without such challenges; and, in general, black people and other people of color have a different perspective than "white" people.

Obama's presidency (it really began with the campaign in 2008) has brought several conflicts to the surface: men vs. women, black vs. white, young vs. old, and even East vs. West (Obama's heritage). Interesting, very interesting when you look at it all in this light. From this PERSPECTIVE. What a gift we've been bestowed via President Obama to take a hard look within our society and heal from within.

There's a lot of healing to be done. Perhaps it's time for it all to rise to the surface, even if painfully, to finally be healed.

The racial healing is the beginning. That's a powerful underlying message in The Book of Obeah. There are other ancient conflicts ready to come to the surface to be healed before any true balance can be achieved on this Earth. There are indeed four pivotal conflicts throughout human history to be exposed for healing in the Obeah four-part series.

For most, daily survival has become more and more of a focus these days, as foreclosures and job loss become commonplace, so introspection is often disregarded. Yet for something to TRULY be healed, not only are truth and transparency required, we must get down to the core problem. The symptoms are often the focus in our society, but we must get to the root cause of the pain.

We can't hide from these root causes any longer; we can allow ourselves to be distracted, but it will continue to fester under the surface until it's fully exposed.

I care. And through several community-oriented philanthropic grassroots visions I'm bringing to fruition after 15 years, I am finally acting on it.

I invite you to learn more about The Book of Obeah, as well as Wishadoo! and The Piece Process (the latter two still under construction).

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Introducing "Housekeeping for the Soul"

Housekeeping for the Soul

A Practical Guide to Restoring Your Inner Sanctuary
by Sandra Carrington-Smith

The first book to combine how-to, self-help and spiritual genres to address the needs of millions of readers as they strive to detach from the Culture of Chaos and embrace a life of balance. It is through this inner harmony and balance that one may then create a meaningful, authentic reality. With a down-to-earth approach, the reader is guided through the process of emotional healing and renewal of spirit through the familiar analogy of housekeeping: cleaning, organizing, and "airing out" our lives, room by room, task by task.

click here to watch the video

Available now on Amazon!  Call bookstores near you to request they stock it, if not already ordered.  :)

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Open Hearts

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Sandra Carrington-Smith: Going Up! and NPR on Haiti

I adore this blog post and wanted to share. :)

Read Sandra's blog today.

Also, please read this article on Haiti, another fine piece by NPR.

"The Haitian tragedy has opened up a whole new industry for what I call the genteel racist point of view. A week into the crisis I heard an otherwise intelligent report on NPR in which the correspondent opened her piece from Port-au-Prince by declaring that it "is not falling into a...pit of violence," thereby giving us an idea of what she had been anticipating, almost breathlessly. We heard this kind of thing frequently in the days after the earthquake, with scores of fresh reporters receiving their Haitian baptism amid the rubble. There are many problems in Haiti, but most of the negative pronouncements that have been circulating do not touch on them. The commentary has been psycho-political rather than analytical."

More at link above...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great blog post: Pat Robertson and Haitian Vodou

Which entity is the more compassionate and embodies Christ-like qualities: Pat Robertson or the belief system of Vodou? Vodou/Voodoo...hands down.

See Sandra Carrington-Smith's blog for today.

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